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Unstress is Christina's novel, ground breaking treatment for distressed skin. An optimal concentration of advanced active ingredients, Unstress offers a range of unique and efficient products tailored to prevent, control and treat stress-induced damage.

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▸ Take a break - you need it! ▸ The Problem ▸ Our Solution ▸ The Science Behind Unstress Results ▸ In–salon and spa treatment overview

Take a break - you need it!

Unstress is a unique treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin damages. Unstress utilizes clinically proven bioactive agents to provide DNA and cell membrane protection, reducing skin vulnerability caused by environmental and personal stresses. Unstress treats premature ageing and restores the skin to its healthiest state by boosting the body’s natural immune system and cell defense mechanisms.

The Problem

Stress damages the immune system and inhibits normal cell function. External and internal factors such as sun exposure, pollution, smoking, hormonal imbalance and more damage the delicate balance of the skin and break down the skin’s natural defenses. Skin becomes vulnerable to various dermatological disorders, trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), limited water holding capacity of the stratum corneum, collagen-depletion and loss of elastin. These disorders often cause irritation, itching and inflammation, excess sebum secretion, sensitivity, dryness, wrinkles, dull complexion and generally prematurely ageing skin.

Our Solution

Unstress treats skin by addressing the internal causes and external symptoms. High doses of corrective agents boost the body’s natural immune and cellular defense system, reducing skin vulnerability. Simultaneously, advanced anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming agents provide relief from stress-induced symptoms.

The chain reaction of stress-induced skin damage:

Unstress uses a comprehensive approach to prevent, treat and soothe stress-induced skin damages

  • Prevents premature skin ageing.
  • Rejuvenates and soothes stressed skin.
  • Relieves skin irritation, itchiness and edema.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants.
  • Decreases UVA radiation damages from oxidative stress.
  • Improves DNA protection and strengthens skin immunity.
  • Rebuilds cell tissue and stimulates cellular regeneration.
  • Improves collagen bio-synthesis.
  • Replenishes natural skin hydration and moisture.

  • The Science Behind Unstress Results

    Antipollution shield 24/7

    Blue Light Protection

    Blue light pollution refers to artificial blue light exposure associated with a hyper-connected lifestyle that can lead to digital (computers, smartphones, tablets, LED lights) ageing. The skin can act as a photo sensory system to visible radiation. It can sense blue light via opsin photoreceptors located on keratinocytes and melanocytes. Over-exposure to blue light is associated with delayed recovery of the skin barrier, cellular damage and oxidative stress. Blumilight – a super peptide rich in saccharides and polyphenols obtained from cocoa extract. A unique blend of fresh, non-fermented seeds with antioxidant properties.

  • improves elasticity.
  • decreases visibility of wrinkles.
  • promotes a smoother skin surface.
  • maintains rhodopsin and opsin in keratinocytes.
  • promotes less visible mitochondrial and cellular ROS.


    Antioxidant Protection
    Radiation Control

    Venuceane – biotechnological active obtained from the thermos thermophilus algae containing extremozymes - proteins that ensure optimal cell functioning under stressful conditions.

    Venuceane extremozymes fight oxidizing stress generated by daily exposure to UV-A, UV-B & IR (infrared) radiation. IR radiation represents more than 50% of solar radiation. It generates heat which catalyzes ageing processes, induces ROS formation and causes extensive damage to the skin - inflammation, edema, dehydration and wrinkles.

    Venuceane extremozymes protect the dermal fibers by protecting the proteins responsible for the skin’s architecture and firmness, and promote recovery from environmental aggressions.

  • protects against inflammation.
  • preserves collagen integrity.
  • preserves elastin architecture.
  • improves lipid production and water retention.

  • IR induced inflammation reduced by Venceane


    bioengineered peptide inspired by the antioxidant properties of Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents premature ageing. Naturally synthesized in the body, located in the mitochondria and cell membranes, Q10 diminishes with age. Bioengineered CoQ10 peptide is a novel biological approach to boost the natural endogenous synthesis of CoQ10 and enhance the skin’s natural anti-oxidative defense. It diminishes stress signs such as dull, tired skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • boosts endogenous synthesis of CoQ10.
  • protects skin integrity against stress factors (free-radicals.
  • helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • The higher the intensity of fluorescence, the higher concentration of free-radicals.


    CoQ10 binding proteins is higher with peptide Q10 than topical application CoQ10.

    Q10 limits the production of free radicals under UVA and UVB stress.

    Q10 decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines after 28 days of application.

    Quintescine is a patented biomimetic antioxidant peptide that limits glycation damage and shields DNA. It protects against environmental stress by supporting the skin’s antioxidant defenses, as it increases antioxidant enzymes activity.

    The skin is continuously exposed to many environmental aggressions including UV, air pollutants, ozone, which generate reactive oxygen species (ROS-free radicals). ROS occurs during mitochondrial respiration and as part of the inflammatory response.

    The accumulation of free-radicals results in oxidative damages that include DNA damage, protein carbonylation, mitochondrial damage, membrane peroxidation.


  • Strong antioxidant properties.
  • reduces oxidative stress.
  • protects DNA.
  • prevents glycation.





    Quintesine increases antioxidant enzymes such as MnSOD, CuZnSOD and catalase that catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.

    BioDetox – a complex of citrus bioflavonoids, brassica sulforaphane and aloe polyphenols, BioDetox protects against pollutants, prevents visible signs of ageing, helps prevent DNA damage, and protects against environmental stress factors.
  • strengthens the defense mechanisms.
  • relaxes the skin.
  • protects against oxidative stress.

  • Erythema values (n=6. Age 28-42yrs) were measured after SDS treatment by using Chromameter CR-300.
  • The readings and measurements of erythema were performed at 4h and 24h after removing the patch.

    Skin Barrier Protection 

    Lipigenine – flax seed extract developed to target epidermal lipid synthesis, helps optimize lipid homeostasis. By targeting synthesis of stratum corneum lipids, it corrects dry and stressed skin.

    Lipigenine boosts lipid synthesis in normal human keratinocytes by 41.4 % after just 48h.

  • boosts lipid synthesis.
  • provides stratum corneum protection.
  • improves skin appearance.

    Phyto-ceramidyl omega - combination of fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 of botanical origin and ceramides-3 addressing dry and sensitive skin. It strengthens the skin barrier, increases moisture and renders the skin softer and smoother. Reduces itchiness, leaving the skin relaxed and comfortable.

  • reduces TEWL.
  • soothes itchiness and discomfort.
  • increases elasticity.











    Anti Infammation Protection

    NIO-SENSYL - a combination of zinc-enriched yeast extract and mangostin extracted from Garcinia mangostana and Magnolol/Honokiol bark, encapsulated in niosomal vesicles. NIO-SENSYL is a powerful active ingredient specifically designed to mitigate problems of sensitive skin, acne, urticaria, eczema, and rosacea.

  • reduces skin’s reactivity.
  • has anti-inflammatory properties.


    Rosanic - herbal extracts complex - Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), Artemisia montana, Gingko biloba, Vaccinium corymbosum (blueberry), and Rosa canina oil with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties. Softens rough skin, strengthens water retention capability. Comforts and calms the skin, reducing unpleasant sensations and acting as an “environmental shield” to protect against environmental damage.

  • comforts and calms skin.
  • reduces inflammation and edema.









    Eco-Skin - is a probiotic complex of α-glucooligosaccharides, obtained by enzymatic synthesis from plant substrates (maltose from corn and saccharose from beetroot), 100% pure plant juice rich in ß-fructooligosaccharides, obtained by cold pressure under non-denaturing conditions of jicama or yacon (Polymnia sonchifolia) tubers and Lactobacilli probiotic bacteria (L. casei and L.acidophilus) inactivated by tyndallisation and freeze-dried.

    Probiotics have a beneficial effect on health by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of a limited number of bacteria (especially Ecoflora cells). Fructo-oligosaccharides as well as glyco-oligosaccharides have proved to be the substances with the greatest capacity for probiotic activity.

    They help balance the "ecosystem" of the skin, which can easily be upset by stress and aggressions. Probiotics act as anti-inflammatory mediators and treat acne, rosacea, and eczema.

  • anti-inflammatory properties.
  • diminishes skin disorders manifestations.

    Extracellular Matrix Protection

    Collaxyl – a patented, stable collagen hexapeptide-9, promotes extracellular matrix synthesis, dermo-epidermal junction, epidermal differentiation and regeneration.

    Hexapeptide-9 helps regenerate the skin barrier, treating stressed skin.

    Hexapeptide-9 is found in collagen IV and XVII fibers which anchor the epidermis to the ECM and the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ) and promote skin regeneration and the structural stability of the DEJ.

    Collagen IV expression

    Application of hexapeptide-9 promotes Collagen IV synthesis, enhancing the DEJ anchorage.

  • enhances epidermal repair.
  • improves DEJ structure.
  • decreases the visibility of wrinkles.



    An ex-vivo test on wounded human skin shows a rapid epidermal regeneration after only 72 h from application of active peptide. 

    In a study on females aged 40-62, application of the active for 28 days demonstrated a decrease of 175% in the number of wrinkles, and a decrease of 187% in the average depth of wrinkles.


    Kalpariane – alaria esculenta, a brown algae boosts moisture in cutaneous tissue by stimulating glycoaminoglycans (GAG) synthesis (+28%), as well as hyaluronic acid synthesis (+24%).

  • comforts and calms skin.
  • reduces inflammation and edema.



    In–Salon and Spa Treatment Overview

    Step 1 - Gentle Cleansing Milk: Gently remove impurities and excess oil with this delicate, soap-free cleansing milk. Enriched with frangipani, arnica and calendula among other botanical extracts, the Gentle Cleansing Milk maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance while cleansing. Stressed skin will be left radiant, clean, calm and prepared for optimal penetration of the Unstress treatment.

    Step 2 - Revitalizing Toner: The Revitalizing Toner delicately cleanses and stimulates skin. Infused with glycolic and lactic acids to stimulate cell regeneration as well as provitamin B5 to maintain hydration and suppleness, this soap-free toner rebalances skin’s pH levels and completes the cleansing process.

    Step 3 - Pro-Biotic Peel: The Probiotic Peel contains lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria found in yogurt. It rids the skin of pollutants, free radicals and damaging bacteria that cause premature ageing. Enriched with hypericum and frangipani, Probiotic Peel gently exfoliates without irritating, maintaining the skin’s natural flora and autoimmune system.

    Step 3 - Forte Peel: With enriching ingredients such as Laminaria Ochroleuca marine extract, well-known for its calming effects, this concentrated peel is highly effective at relieving and preventing redness and irritation, leaving the skin bright and rejuvenated. The marine extract boosts dermal cohesion and defends against pollution, temperature differences, skin dryness and premature ageing. Delicately and effectively, the peel renews the skin’s surface, leading to a radiant, refreshed, stress-free appearance. Formulated to revive stressed complexions, this active peel is especially useful in cases of reactive skin. The Unstress Forte Peel was developed to replace the line’s Pro-Biotic Peel when the skin condition requires it.

    Step 4 - Frangipani Concentrate: Frangipani Concentrate is a milk rich in flavonoids and essential oils that immediately soothes irritated skin. This intense formula calms and ensures long term stability to stressed skin, while leaving it evenly toned and relaxed. 

    Step 5 - Total Serenity Serum: The Total Serenity Serum features a complex of advanced ingredients (deep penetrating antioxidant-peptide quintescine, hyaluronic acid and probiotic lactobacillus) to improve DNA protection and cell function and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it reduces trans- epidermal water loss and prevents irritation, inflammation and itchiness.

    Step 6a - Relaxing Massage Cream:Featuring hyaluronic acid to retain vital moisture, together with pycnogenol to prevent calcium deficiency, Relaxing Massage Cream soothes and hydrates stressed skin. It adds protection at cellular level while improving skin elasticity, suppleness and resilience.

    Step 6b - Multi-Vitamin Supplement: Infused with a powerful combination of destressing and age-defying elements, enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins and ceramides Multi-Vitamin Supplement regulates TEWL with a balanced hydro- lipidic film and protective coetaneous barrier. It boosts collagen and elastin biosynthesis, skin elasticity and resilience to environmental pollutants.

    Step 7 - Clarifying Mask: The Clarifying Mask minimizes environmental damage, reduces redness, and soothes skin with a potent combination of concentrated herbs and minerals. The rich anti-oxidant, detoxifying formula dramatically decreases stress-induced premature ageing, repels free radicals and evens out skin tone.

    Step 8 - Optimal Hydration Mask: The Optimal Hydration Mask provides intense hydration with its rich blend of wheat germ, ceramides and Calendula oils. This highly active complex blends with antioxidant peptides and concentrated minerals, collagen and elastin stabilizers and DNA-protecting ingredients that increase the skin’s natural immune defense system, preventing stress-induced damage and premature skin ageing.

    Step 9 - Probiotic Moisturizer: The Pro-biotic Moisturizer locks in moisture and protects the skin from stress-induced damage. It maximizes the natural DNA- protecting properties and improves skin immunity, ensuring a balanced, radiant and smooth complexion.